HAWMC Day 1 – Why? Because…



I’ve been taking a lot of personal challenges over the past few months, but this is the first “public” challenge that I’ve agreed to do. Wego Health is an organization dedicated to helping health activists spread their messages and they’ve issued a 30-day challenge each April for the last three years. The challenge is to write every day, using their prompts. This is the first time I’ve done this, as the last two years of my life have been sidetracked by a child who ate far too many jellybeans yesterday. Far, far, far too many.

So, for the next 30 days, you’ll get at least one short post from me. Each day. Quite possibly more than one post, because I have some things to say that may not fit in with their prompts. (Rebel. That’s me.)

Today’s question was this: Why HAWMC? Why write about your health? Here’s my answer…


  • Because I am still alive after 30 years with a disease that still scares me.
  • Because I need to hear from other people with diabetes about their health and how they cope.
  • Because I have had experiences that another diabetic (or family member) may need to hear about.
  • Because I don’t want to feel like I’m the only one going through the highs and lows of daily diabetes life.
  • Because my daughter and my husband and my family and my friends get to see a different side of me.
  • Because sometimes Play-Doh and crayons and peek-a-boo aren’t stimulating enough.
  • Because I can share research about diabetes and put them in layman’s terms.
  • Because anger is best channeled through my fingers rather than my mouth. (Trust me on this one.)
  • Because I want answers that I don’t get from my medical team, but can get from another person with diabetes.
  • Because I want to connect.
  • Because if I don’t, then my snarkiness will build and build until the world implodes from my snark bomb.
  • Because I believe in advocacy.
  • Because someday I’ll look back on these posts and think: “That was before a cure.”
  • Because maybe it will inspire someone else to start a blog about their health issues.


I can.

I can, so I do it for those who can’t. 




  1. Those are all great reasons! I’m looking forward to your month of posts

  2. Your first “because” hit me like a hammer. SO on the nose. (Keep your hammer off my nose. It hurt.)

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